Gears of War 2 Tips – Dirty Little Secret – Carry Explosive Charge

GEARS OF WAR 2 SPOILER ALERT: The information below contains spoiler information and is intended for you if you are stuck, and pulling your hair out.

In Gears of War 2’s Dirty Little Secret one of the goals is “Carry the Explosive Charge to the Secure Door,” and its pretty straightfoward, but 2 tips might make it smoother. First, when you and Dom have the explosive charge walk straight forward, and make a slight adjustment to the right so you can walk into the small freight lift (looks like a rectanglar indentation in the walkway dead ahead). Stop on the freight lift asnd Marcus will have Jack activate the lift for you.

Next, don’t go back the way you exited (which was off to the right after you enter the building again) or you will run into the one person wide door and have to turn back around. Instead walk straight ahead toward a doorway that was previously sealed and Marcus will have Jack rip the door while you deal with some company. Go through the door and you should recognize where you are. Proceed down the hallway where you know the secured door is and you will be asked if you have proper access yet. Marcus will answer yes and you will get a cutscene.

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Xbox 360 is HD really better?

For months now I’ve been using a 19 inch Sanyo DS19204 for my Xbox 360. I considered my 19 inch HD computer monitor several times and figured that a 19 inch wide screen monitor would mean the loss of more vertical screen real estate than I was willing to bear. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Even though the 19″ TV screen does have more vertical height than a 19″ HD wide screen monitor the text is much easier to read. I’ve been playing Silicon Knights’ long awaited Too Human, and squinting at much of the test trying to read words and numbers – especially numbers. It was often difficult to tell a 4 from a 6, or a 3 from and 8 and got really annoying. Then I remembered a post I’d made somewhere about having difficulty reading text while playing Halo 3 and one of the responses was that the picture was much clearer on HDTV’s.

In my comparing a 19 inch SDTV with a 19 inch HD wide screen computer monitor I must say that the HD is much clearer, the text is easily readable and obviously the graphics are much more crisp and detailed. On that note you will undoubtedly need an Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable which I feel was worth every penny! Oh, and don’t forget to change your video settings on the System blade of your Xbox 360 once you’ve connected your HD computer monitor!

Xbox 360 price drops in time for Holiday 2008

Hey video game fans, Microsoft is slashing prices on the Xbox 360 according to a ZDNet post I read today. They carefully gave credit to Reuters writing that basically the lower priced Xbox 360 Arcade with no hard drive will drop $80 from $279 down to $199, while other Xbox consoles will enjoy a price reduction of $50.

“Who cares,” you may be saying, “I have an [insert competing console here].” Well, you might care because other console companies may follow suit.


Microsoft to cut Xbox 360 US price to below Wii
UPDATE 1-Microsoft to cut Xbox 360 US price to below Wii
UPDATE 2-Microsoft to cut Xbox 360 US price to below Wii
UPDATE 3-Microsoft to slash Xbox 360 price in Japan
Microsoft to slash Xbox 360 price in Japan-Nikkei

I wish my XBOX 360 Red Rings of Death struck me in NY

UPDATE: I’ve removed the link to the repair service since their site is offline.

As I’ve posted recently my family’s XBOX 360 system was struck by the dreaded Red Rings of Death, I’ve arranged for free shipping and it looks like free repair from with a return of an XBOX 360 that will actually have a 90 day warranty. While reading emails from Microsoft and UPS in my Gmail account I noticed some interesting links. One of those interesting links I seem to recall was a web clip, an advertising link above Gmail’s interface.

So to the point check this out, if you are lucky enough to live in the Long Island/New York city area…

Rush Xbox 360 Walk-In Repair Service and Sales

We offer walk-in service for our local customers in the Long Island/New York City area. Walk-in customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Priority “while you wait” service… takes only 30 minutes!
  • Avoid all shipping charges associated with our Internet mail-in service.
  • Play an Xbox 360 on a high definition TV while you wait.
  • Many game titles, such as Halo 3, are available.
  • Even play on Xbox Live!
  • Coffee and beverages available while you wait.

Now maybe some of you may not get the repair for free (heck I’m not guaranteed to get mine free) because you tossed that XBOX across the room before calling Microsoft, or whatever the case may be you might have to pay to have it repaired. According to their website’s XBOX 360 Repair Service page these guys were featured in OXM: Offical XBOX Magazine, offer a free estimate and you only pay for shipping (unless you are lucky enough to live in the Long Island/New York City area!). Don’t take my word for it, if you are stuck and want to get your XBOX 360 back in working order it can’t hurt to check out their website – at either link above – and compare to “the other guys”.

Why XBOX 360 Red Rings of Death?

I’ve been asking myself this question since I got the dreaded red rings of death myself, and it seems ZDNet found an answer, for some of us at least. Now I’ve owned 2 XBOX 360’s, one of the original systems released the same time the original Gear of Wars came out, and after I got rid of it for some $$$ I later bought a used XBOX 360 console from a local GameStop. My original system (I owned it for about a year or two) I just got rid of to have some extra $$$ but then I regretted the decision and within about 6 months I got the used system (which I only had for about 3-6 months).

Why? Why the red rings of death you ask? Well if you read my post Fix XBOX 360 Red Rings of Death and steps 1 and 2 did not work for you, and like me, you’ve had to contact Microsoft (who will send me a replacement refurbished system) its possible that the culprit is, as ZDNet puts it the “… graphics chip, designed in-house, chronically overheat[s] and eventually [gives] up the ghost”. As ZDNet says:

It can seem hard to believe that a company with so many resources can make such an expensive mistake. Yet in electronics design, there is no shortage of hidden problems that can elude every reasonable effort to find them before launch. Chip design is not the exact science you might imagine.

For more info (and a great read) Red ring of death is closer than you think.