Gmail For Mobile Now More ‘mobile’ Than Before, T-Mobile G1 Out in Cold?

Talking about the addition of languages and faster, smoother support for people on the go Gmail for mobile: faster, smoother, and now in more languages lays out the details, but interestingly enough the T-Mobile G1 with Android is not mentioned at all:

… Gmail for mobile 2.0 is designed to be more reliable in low signal areas and provides basic offline support for phones like the Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson W910i, and BlackBerry Curve…

So what’s the deal? I don’t know, I don’t have a Blackberry, iPhone or G1, but maybe the G1 supports offline Gmail and offers multi-language support out-of-the-box?

T-Mobile G1 Google Phone Teaches – iPhone is Windows of the Cell Phones


I’m not a big iPhone fanatic, but I’d happily shell out the money for a Blackberry or T-Mobile G1 “Google phone”; but for some reason the iPhone has never “done it” for me. Addmittedly, I’m a PC guy, but I don’t dislike Macs (any more), I just don’t buy them or prefer to use them.

Today Frisco Gives Laid-Back Welcome To Google Phone “taught” me something new… humorously. What I learned today is that iPhone is to cell phones what Windows is to operating systems, check out this quote from the aforementioned Frisco Gives… article:

David Carrasco of Oakland, Calif., had arrived at the T-Mobile store around 11 a.m. He owns an iPhone but got sick of it crashing and of it hanging up when he tried to type.

I just find it funny that somebody is going to switch to the G1 because their iPhone crashes because I always equate Mac OS with reliability and so I did with iPhone – till now.

Let’s not forget one of the coolest things about the “Google phone”, the open source Android OS – oh and the Android Developer Challenge. Has anyone claimed that yet? I could use a couple of million bucks!

T-Mobile G1

UPDATE: T-Mobile G1 with Google

The T-Mobile G1 is supposed to hit the shelves Wednesday (day after tomorrow) according to A sneak peek at Gmail on Android, so now would be a good time for all who intend to buy one to take a look at what the Gmail blog has in the way of screenshots and video while you are waiting for your new phone.

So while you are waiting, watching the minutes tick away until the release of the first Android-powered device in the world you can check out just how cool Gmail can be – on the platform that Google would (no doubt) prefer you use for wireless Gmailing… the T-Mobile G1 with Android.

Entire Article with Media on Gmail blog
Direct link to Gmail on Android

G1 or iPhone, that is the question

According to Can Google out-cool Apple? T-Mobile announced the T-Mobile G1 yesterday, the first cell phone to run Google’s new Android OS…

T-Mobile G1
YouTube Preview Image

According to ZDNet’s article, the T-Mobile G1 is not an iPhone killer because the two target different audiences. Here are some things ZDNet had to say about those 2 audiences:

In terms of cool, I think that the iPhone is still the outright winner, after all, put the G1 and the iPhone side-by-side and the iPhone wins hands down when it comes to stylishness…

the G1 will appeal to geeks… 

The Google vs. Apple (or G1 vs. iPhone) won’t be fought based on which device is coolest, it’ll be based on which is geekiest.

The only thing I’d add to their assessment here is that price will surely play a role in the audiences. How much is the G1 gonna set you back? I couldn’t say, but from what I’ve read you might want to ask “How much is that 2 year T-Mobile contract gonna cost?” There are other geek-lover’s options out there if you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for either of these 2 smart phone giants.


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