Home Made Lunch #1

Today’s lunch had no fast food, meaning no trips to pick anything up and also required no micorwave time leaving me enough time during lunch for this post – cool.

Estimated cost about $3

Tuna fish sandwich, Cheetos, 12 oz. can of diet Dr. Pepper, and 1 6 oz. Food Lion brand Strawberry/Banana nonfat yogurt. Very filling, low wallet impact.

Another Quick, Cheap Lunch Idea

Running late today I had to run to the grocery store and had my heart set on Taco Bell (I work near a Taco Bell) so I grabbed an Arizona Green Tea w/ Ginseng & Honey (0.99 plus tax) and I treated myself to three items off of their “Why Pay More” menu

IDEA: Taco Bell + Arizona Tea

Five Layer Burrito
Crunchy Taco
Mini Quesadilla

My total was about $4.25 including tax… and that’s a special treat sure to fill me up for less than a fast food value meal and probably better nutritional value as well.

More Quick Lunch Ideas: Packed from Home plus a burrito!

Recently while trying to make more time in my life I decided to find time to get things done during lunch. I also decided to try and mix savings in.

Another quick lunch idea for my busy day, not only quick but inexpensive.

IDEA: About $2.60 + Home Packed

Today’s lunch a Taco Bell 5-Layer Beefy Burrito $1.08 with tax), a 20-oz soft drink from a local gas station  ($1.51 with tax) and some broccoli and cheesy rice with corn (cost ??).

Also, we saved money on the back-end, sort of. We’ve kept the plastic containers from Chinese food take out, they are microwaveable and have lids. So we have collected these instead of going out and buying plastic containers to store stuff in the fridge.  So that’s a burrito, a bottled soft-drink and a plactic container full of corn and rice – plenty to eat for about $2.60!