Applebee’s $6.99 Lunch Deal

Saturday I went to Applebees to give their $6.99 Lunch Deal a try and found out it was a Monday thru Friday offer, so I went back today – a Monday. With drink and tax, the Applebees lunch deal was over $10 before adding a tip. This brings the cost of a lunch at Applebees down compared to other menu choices, but you pay extra as compared to fast food. With a typical 20% tip you’d be just under $13 which isn’t bad for Applebees, plus you know you get a healthier meal than a fast food restaurant.

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Today’s lunch was Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders with french fries, a House Salad with ranch dressing, and Diet Pepsi (Applebees, please get Diet COKE!). Read about Applebees Lunch Combos.

Good health, great taste and decent pricing. Recommended!

An Applebees Lunch

A quick post! Because I wanted to compare Applebees $6.99 lunches to what I normally eat I stopped in today and had lunch there. But, as it turns out the $6.99 lunch special is only available Mon-Fri until 4pm. Well today is Saturday!

I tried to come close and failed pretty miserably coming in at about $16.00 + tip because I wanted a salad. I got their Green Goddess Wedge minus pecans and the American BLT, and ate very few french fries.

Lunch at Ye Ole Fashioned in Mount Pleasant

I started blogging about food because, to be honest, I get tired of deciding what and where to eat sometimes. I should probably do some good research into healthy eating, like reading this article on the CDC website about dieting VS your diet. But for today’s lunch I hopped in the SUV and gave a couple of moments of quick thought as to what I’d like to eat. Almost out of decent ideas, I remembered Mount Pleasant’s Ye Ole Fashioned Ice Cream & Sandwich Cafe.

Shrimp Po*Boy from Ye Ole Fashioned - Click to Enlarge

Ye Ole Fashioned has a great Shrimp Po-Boy that is simply delicious. Considering fast food prices and how “fast” it seems to be, Ye Ole Fashioned was a great alternative with a healthier menu! Continue reading “Lunch at Ye Ole Fashioned in Mount Pleasant”

Looking for a Hot Dog?

If you are in Mount Pleasant, SC where I do most of my work and you have a hankering for a hot dog and taste is your guiding light, then you should give Seppy’s Hotdogs a visit. As far as hot dogs in Mt Pleasant, Seppy’s was right up there at the top.

Seppy’s menu has 17 hot dogs to tantalize your mouth, 13 of which you just aren’t going to get at your local gas station and one more that you can get at a gas station, but is better at Seppy’s. If you are looking for photos Continue reading “Looking for a Hot Dog?”

Sunoco’s APlus Rewards Card & Your Budget

With gas prices over $3 per gallon in many places across the US, and considering many Americans rely on gasoline in their monthly budget the Sunoco APlus Reward Card program can help save some money. The card is of course free, and when you make qualifying purchases in the store you save at the pump.

The Smart Way to Save

The trick to saving though, is to only buy the things you would normally buy at Sunoco for the convenience or if they happen to have better prices considering what you save. For example, I grab a drink or two during the day at a local gas station during the work day, and there’s a Sunoco about the same distance away. If their qualifying APlus purchases include things I’ll buy anyway, then I can save some money. But if I simply go to the store and buy products to get a lower price at the pump then you may be losing money instead of saving. Continue reading “Sunoco’s APlus Rewards Card & Your Budget”