My Linux Journal Day 10

Recently I powered on my Linux machine to show it off to my Dad, and the drivers weren’t playing nicely. For some reason the screen looked exactly the same as when I was using the Nvidia Drivers (see My Linux Journal Day 2 for more), and it booted into an 800×600 screen. Lucky for me simply turning it off and then back on later in the day somehow fixed the issue. So, if you change your video drivers and decide to change back, and find later that your monitor has reverted to the undesirable state, try powering off and back on and maybe you’ll get lucky, too.

I set up Pidgin today, very nice program (Applications > Internet > Pidgin Instant Messenger). It came pre-installed with Ubuntu 7.10, and was very easy to setup and begin running. Pidgin supports AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, and Yahoo IM accounts among others. Plus simply right-clicking it on the menu, and selecting “Add this to launcher panel” put it right up on top of my launcher panel at the top of my screen. Next, a right-click on each item on the launcher panel allowed me to unlock it from the panel (click the “Lock to Panel” menu item to toggle on and off). Then some simple dragging and dropping to re-order my launcher panel and voila!

My Linux Journal Day 2

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon, Day 2

Today I tried setting Visual Effects from none to normal to see some cool visual effects (System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects tab). I was disappointed when it didn’t work due to my system specs (the 2nd paragraph on the Upgrading from 7.04 to 7.10 post mentions some) but I was pleased when I realized Linux was getting more out of my NEC Multisync 70 monitor than:

  • Windows with the Nvidia driver or…
  • Linux with the Nvidia Legacy drivers

The max screen resolution using the Nvidia drivers was 800×600. But Linux, without the Nvidia drivers, runs the monitor at 1280×1024, the maximum resolution recommended by the manufacturer!

I also decided to subscribe to an RSS feed, so for expediency I used Mozilla Thunderbird which is already installed. I googled for a ubuntu tips and ended up choosing as my first RSS.