Sunoco’s APlus Rewards Card & Your Budget

With gas prices over $3 per gallon in many places across the US, and considering many Americans rely on gasoline in their monthly budget the Sunoco APlus Reward Card program can help save some money. The card is of course free, and when you make qualifying purchases in the store you save at the pump.

The Smart Way to Save

The trick to saving though, is to only buy the things you would normally buy at Sunoco for the convenience or if they happen to have better prices considering what you save. For example, I grab a drink or two during the day at a local gas station during the work day, and there’s a Sunoco about the same distance away. If their qualifying APlus purchases include things I’ll buy anyway, then I can save some money. But if I simply go to the store and buy products to get a lower price at the pump then you may be losing money instead of saving. Continue reading “Sunoco’s APlus Rewards Card & Your Budget”

Bag It With Noodles – Quick, Tasty, Cheap Lunch

So what does a web designer do when its lunch time? Go to Google and search for cheap tasty lunches, right? Well, no, but searching your house the day before is a good start. A lot of my day is spent going from task-to-task, so I prefer an easy-to-make meal many times so I can make my lunch simple and quick. Brown bagging it is a great way to do that, and it usually is a money-saver as well.

For today’s lunch I packed a sandwich, grabbed some Maruchan Yakisoba Roasted Chicken noodles, and packed them away in a bag. That just left a drink to add, which could be a bottle of water or, in my case, diet coke. Today’s lunch was probably under $4, and that’s pretty good.  The added benefits of a healthy, fresh and tasty meal only add to the cost and time savings!

Maybe you wanted something more out-of-the-ordinary, or you were looking for a recipe. Try these Crunchy Spicy Hummus Wraps from HuffingtonPost Food. Want more lunch-time reading? Try The Brown Bag Brigade: Your One-Stop Shop for Work Lunch Ideas for good brown bagging tips and idea sources!

Tasty, Inexpensive Lunch for under $3

I had an interesting lunch today, trying to save time I just grabbed some stuff I had laying around. I had some Lipton Diet Green Tea in a water bottle, Maruchan Yakisoba Teriyaki flavored noodles, Ritz Crackers and condiments for the crackers to try out some interesting combinations. The crackers combinations weren’t “repeat-worthy”, but were ok.

So, the meal was $1 for the Yakisoba, about $0.49 for the Ritz Crackers, and maybe $0.45 for the diet green tea. Total is about $1.94 plus cost of the various condiments I used which probably brings the grand total to maybe $2.10 at the most.

Time spent? Most of the time was trying different combinations on the crackers as I ate, so I’d say 5 minutes preparation (since the tea was prepared the day before) plus eating time.

Organic Lunch for Under $7.00

When I think about saving money, or lunch for that matter I don’t usually think of Whole Food Market, in Mount Pleasant, SC.  I remembered their tasty pizza, an since they’re close I went over for lunch today. I’ve only been to Whole Foods Market about 4 or 5 times in the past 2 years or so since a friend told me about them.

On to the business of this post …

Pizza special – 2 (huge) slices for $5.00
Drink fo $0.99
TOTAL: $6.53 with tax

Mount Pleasant/Charleston, SC Weekly Specials (Jul 20-26)

Lunch Idea Under $5 – Grab a Sub

Sometimes you can really find a deal, even a lunch under $5 that’s healthy and easy on your wallet. Check your local grocery store and you may find they sell lunch fare over the counter.

The local Bi-Lo near work sells subs, and I got their Triple Stacker (roast beef, ham, turkey and american cheese – $3.00) a diet Peach Tea Snapple ($1.39) and a bag of Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips (package was$2.29, individual pack = $0.39 ea).

That’s a great, tasty lunch that’s easy on my wallet, tasty and healthy!

Bi-Lo Quick and Easy Recipes