Google Enters Browser Wars with Gusto!


Google’s Android operating system has become the latest entrant in the mobile browser war since Opera’s Opera Mini now runs on it. It seems Google is not only entering the mobile browser war, but may soon be jumping feet first into the desktop browser war, too.

Considering giving Opera Mini a go on your mobile device (at this point that pretty much means the T-Mobile G1)? If so you may be interested in this excerpt from Webmonkey’s Monkey Bites:

The latest version of Opera Mini, now at 4.2, should be much faster than its predecessor which is good news for users with underpowered mobile devices. Opera Mini doesn’t serve up raw web pages, rather it proxies them through Opera’s servers, slimming them down before sending them on to the browser.

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According to Sam Diaz on ZDNet and it appears Google is may be pondering positioning the Google Chrome browser more aggressively against Internet Explorer (and others) by working out deals with PC makers to get Chrome pre-installed on new computers.

Personally I’d like to see more work on Chrome in the form of more support for add-ons, and wider support. For example I’d like to be able to install Chrome on my home office work PC and add the GlobexDesigns Google Redesigned extension. It appears that Google may have just those ideas in mind, and possibly more:

Speaking to The Times, Sundar Pichai, Google Vice President, Product Management, revealed that Chrome will be ready to come out of “beta” testing by January, and that the search giant was looking at ways to make Chrome the browser of choice for the everyday user.

“We will probably do distribution deals,” he said, adding, “we could work with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and have them ship computers with Chrome pre-installed.”

Mr Pichai said that once a glitch-free version of Chrome browser is launched early next year, Google will make a determined push to advertise its browser to the wider public.

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Very cool, I would not mind another major browser for web site testing if its Chrome. Chriome I like. Netscape is quietly dying away, Netscape I didn’t like.

Apple’s iPhone – Mobile Browser War?

I remember hearing about the iPhone’s release, about people crowding the stores. Waiting in lines. People walking out in wonder with their shiny new phones. I couldn’t tell you exactly when they came out, but I remember thinking I could use the money for something else, maybe another car? Seriously, here’s a tidbit I found interesting about the iPhone: according to a post I saw on shiny new Apples’ iPhone has already overtaken Windows Mobile in browser usage. Visit’s article for the pretty pictures and more details.