T-Mobile G1 Google Phone Teaches – iPhone is Windows of the Cell Phones


I’m not a big iPhone fanatic, but I’d happily shell out the money for a Blackberry or T-Mobile G1 “Google phone”; but for some reason the iPhone has never “done it” for me. Addmittedly, I’m a PC guy, but I don’t dislike Macs (any more), I just don’t buy them or prefer to use them.

Today Frisco Gives Laid-Back Welcome To Google Phone “taught” me something new… humorously. What I learned today is that iPhone is to cell phones what Windows is to operating systems, check out this quote from the aforementioned Frisco Gives… article:

David Carrasco of Oakland, Calif., had arrived at the T-Mobile store around 11 a.m. He owns an iPhone but got sick of it crashing and of it hanging up when he tried to type.

I just find it funny that somebody is going to switch to the G1 because their iPhone crashes because I always equate Mac OS with reliability and so I did with iPhone – till now.

Let’s not forget one of the coolest things about the “Google phone”, the open source Android OS – oh and the Android Developer Challenge. Has anyone claimed that yet? I could use a couple of million bucks!

Apple iPhone Takes Another Bite of the Web!

Its no surprise that Apple’s iPhone is garnering so much media attention, but guess what? Big web sites are standing up and taking notice, too! It turns you can optimize your web site for display on the iPhone.

The big Apple themselves have posted a list of the Top-10 iPhone Optimized Websites, and guess what? If you have a WordPress blog (v2.2 or 2.3 as of this writing) optimizing your site for the iPhone is only a plugin away! Just get the iPhone Viewport Meta plugin.

How Cool is Linux?

Throughout the 1990’s Linux evolved into, been packaged into, a desktop Operating System, and into the new millennium its become more and more user-friendly. At some point it became an operating system no longer relegated to just us “computer geeks”, it became a viable alternative desktop operating system for the masses.

More recently Linux has gotten cool. How you ask? Big business has had an eye on Linux for years now, and more recently realized if it was ignored it could become a competitor in one way or another. In 2001 Unix-based Mac OS X (okay that’s not Linux, but its close enough) hit the market in new Macintosh computers. According to Wikipedia.org, Apple has also customized versions of its Unix-based OS X in Apple TV, iPhone and the iPod touch.

More recently computer maker HP introduced its first laptop with Linux, and since has also begun offering Linux Servers. HP has even done some custom deals with Linux Desktops, and may offer factory installed Linux Desktops down the road (well of course, right?).

What’s next, Microsoft and Linux? Yup. Just this year Microsoft partnered with Novell (makers of Suse Linux). Microsoft and Linux? Maybe the next version of Windows will be called Windows TUX, who knows?

So how cool is Linux? Well, including Unix-based OS X you’ve got installations in Macintosh Desktops, Apple TV, iPhone, iPod touch, plus computer maker HP and Microsoft also jumping on board the “Linux train”. Oh yes and lets not forget the server this blog runs on is a Linux server! Cool, eh?

UPDATE: 1/17/2008 – A Step Closer to Linux

I just found out today that Max OS X is, in part, based on Darwin/Rhapsody/OPENSTEP which are open source versions of Unix, some developed by Apple, Inc.

Apple’s iPhone – Mobile Browser War?

I remember hearing about the iPhone’s release, about people crowding the stores. Waiting in lines. People walking out in wonder with their shiny new phones. I couldn’t tell you exactly when they came out, but I remember thinking I could use the money for something else, maybe another car? Seriously, here’s a tidbit I found interesting about the iPhone: according to a post I saw on www.theiphoneblog.com shiny new Apples’ iPhone has already overtaken Windows Mobile in browser usage. Visit theiphoneblog.com’s article for the pretty pictures and more details.