Gmail Slow?

In my Gmail Slow for you? post I listed 11 things to try if Gmail is too slow for you. Tip #7 revolved around javascript. Gmail, especially with add-ons, plug-ins and skins can get heavy on javascript, so maybe you should give Google Chrome a try. Google’s new browser, Chrome, features a new javascript engine that is fast, maybe you should give it a try and see if it works for you.

Try Gmail in Google Chrome
Google Chrome – Set To Kill Internet Explorer?

Making Gmail Faster-er: Gmail and IMAP

UPDATE: New post Gmail Slow for you? Try these tips

Gmail runs pretty fast for me. Embarrassingly I still have over 300 unread items in my inbox, and almost 700 spam in my spam folder. Gmail loads at a raging quick 3 seconds for me on my 2.4 Ghz PC with 1MB of RAM with LOTS of programs running.

However from feedback I’ve gotten in comments to my Gmail Improved? How? post not everyone is seeing Gmail speeding up, or fast at all. If you are one of those people and you a) otherwise love Gmail, b) are willing to learn a new trick, c) and you also your POP email on your computer using an email program (yes, some people DO that!) then it might be time to learn about Gmail and IMAP. Heck, even if you are not finding Gmail too slow like many of us, and b and c above describe you then , then it might be time to learn about Gmail and IMAP. In that case just this afternoon they made a new post you might want to read: Getting Gmail anywhere: IMAP versus POP.

How can using IMAP make Gmail load faster?

Still not fast enough or IMAP isn’t for you?

1. Log into Gmail, click Settings and on the General tab you will see a dropdown where you can set the number of email conversations per page, set it to its lowest setting of 25 conversations per page. Don’t forget to save changes:

Gmail conversations setting

2. Now click on the Web Clips tab and uncheck the “Show my web clips above the Inbox” checkbox. Don’t forget to save changes:
Google Web Clips setting

Wait, How can using IMAP make Gmail load faster?
Using IMAP will speed up your Gmail if you check email on your computer’s email program first. Any time you check email on your computer’s email program first (Outlook, Thunderbird, or whatever) when using IMAP every email you handle that results in Gmail deleting or archiving reduces the number of email Gmail will load when you login. You will probably notice more difference with changing Gmail settings as above, but every little bit helps. Plus if you are already checking your Gmail on your home PC it saves you the need to check emails 2X.