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DIY Cold Brewed Chilled Coffee – Poorly

Published on August 18, 2011 By George

After my last post about DIY Iced Coffee, I realized a couple of things. First off, I didn’t make Iced Coffee, I made Chilled Coffee. Second, I missed a very important detail… cold brewing the coffee. Third, it was so good, I was sure it didn’t matter, but wanted to try cold brew myself. After [...]

DIY French Vanilla Iced Coffee

Published on August 10, 2011 By George

As I checked out KitchenDaily’s The Best Bottled Iced Coffee: Our Taste Test Results my thoughts wandered back to the last time I bought a Starbucks Double Shot (#4 on KitchenDaily’s list). The store-bought Starbucks iced coffee was about $2.60. That evening I was walking around Walmart with my wife enjoying the sipping my prized [...]