Flock 2 Ready to Rock

Flock 2 is out of beta and ready to rock according Flock’s Shawn Hardin (I hope I don’t get web-spanked for that one). It might be less than a year since Flock 1.0 came out, but it was the second day I had Flock 1 (1.6 I think?).

So, last night I download, install and start flocking around the Internet. Tonight I fire the old computer up and bang! An update for Flock is available a mere 24 hours after installation.

I can only begin describing some of Flock’s cooler features with the little time left to me tonight, but here are some cool ones… Firstly Flock is touted as the The Social Web Browser and so far its living up to its name. I’ve got some of my social friends loading into Flock’s People Sidebar which makes it easy to keep up with people on your social networks. Its also a rather cool My World page (the expectedly blurry screenshot is below) is broken into 3 nice sections, Favrotie Feeds (most newly added feeds at the top), Friend Activity (so I can keep up with everyone’s status message rather easily) and Favorite Media (which thoughtfully comes preloaded with “HowToFlock on Youtube” and “Flocking on Flickr”.

I must say the Youtube videos are pretty cool, not only because I’ve never seen a “Welcome to this browser” video, and because they are well done, but also because they are very interesting and have great info. I mean who wants to pore through pages of help files when you can watch some videos, right? There are a lot of Youtube videos there, and watch which version the video is for so you can watch out for any differences. For example the video below is the first in the list and its for Flock 1.2.


YouTube Preview Image

Flock’s My World Page

Flock Videos on Youtube
(note the video bar beneath the address bar, above the tabs)

Try Gmail in Google Chrome

Google says “Try Gmail in Google Chrome“, but maybe you have’t signed up for Gmail yet or maybe you haven’t downloaded Google Chrome yet?

Did you want to sign up for Gmail?

If you are thinking about downloading Chrome check out my “Google Chrome – Set To Kill Internet Explorer?” post, or just skip right to Chrome’s download page. Either way make sure if you to note which operating system Chrome requires (now Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2). Speaking of that, an interesting feature of Chrome is that the entire browser doesn’t crash if one tab has a problem, only that tab crashes. How cool is that?

Why Did Google Build a Browser?
YouTube Preview Image

Google Chrome – Set To Kill Internet Explorer?

I was reading ZDNet during lunch today and I’d be happy to say good bye to Internet Explorer (IE). You’ve really got to check this out if IE’s been bugging you, either because its too slow, too much of a security risk, crashes too much, becuase some site you use *requires* it, or because you are a web designer and you’re tired of the least CSS and HTML compliant browser doing so well – or whatever your reason.

Get Google Chrome Beta (for bleeding tech edge risk-takers*)

So far I’ve found the following reading material on the subject clicking around:

GOOGLE BLOG: A fresh take on the browser
ZDNET: Google to launch browser to battle IE; Is Firefox a target or tag-team partner?
ALL THINGS DIGITAL’s KARA SWISHER: Here’s the Google Chrome Browser Comic Book: Hey Microsoft, Kaa-POW!!!
BLOGOSCOPED: Google Chrome, Google’s Browser Project

One thing that caught my eye clicking around was an item in the Google Chrome comic book posted by Google hinting at what sounded like improved or maybe safer Javascript support. Immediately I began poking back around and found these bits:

Excerpt from Kara’s post:

“…especially its JavaScript engine, called V8, that the company says makes future complex Web applications render faster…”

Excerpt from ZDNet’s post:

“..Chrome will include a JavaScript Virtual Machine built from scratch..”

Excerpt from Blogoscoped’s Post:

“…built from scratch by a team in Denmark, and open-sourced as well so other browsers could include it. One aim of V8 was to speed up JavaScript performance in the browser, as it’s such an important component on the web today…”

So, Chrome’s new Javascript engine:

  • speeds up Javascript
  • is built from scratch
  • is open source (can be used by other browser developers for inclusion in their browser)

Are you wondering if Google’s new Chrome browser will be able to help your business, if you can leverage Google’s Chrome to your advantage? Then click and read what ZDNet has to say in Google Chrome: The enterprise playbook.

* BETA Software isn’t for the faint of heart: No seriously, BETA software can cause trouble while its still being developed and tweaked and can cause problems on your computer.