Buying a (Backberry Storm) Blackberry Storm? Must Be Hard To Find

I wrote back on November 23rd that according to it may be hard to find a Storm since they are selling out fast. The Verizon Wireless store today says:

Due to high demand for the BlackBerry® Storm™ 9530 smartphone, all orders placed today will ship no later than 12/15/08.

So, if you are in the market for a Blackberry and none other will do (at least if you are shopping with Verizon) you might want to choose from the Blackberry 8703e, Backberry Curve 8330, or Blackberry 8830 World Edition if you want to get it before Christmas.

Or, if you are shopping at AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular Wireless) you might consdier the Backberry 8820, Blackberry Bold, or the Blackberry 8700c.

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Blackberry and Google Sync

Synchronize your calendars with Google Calendar. Google SyncNow supports the open CalDAV protocol and works with Blackberry mobile devices, Android devices, Mozilla Sunbird, Microsoft Outlook Apple iCal, and basically anything that supports/uses the CalDAV protocol.

Wow! I’ve been waiting for this as I’ve been trying to switch to Google Calendar from Mozilla Sunbird so my wife and I can sync our calendars on different computers! Now I can sync my Sunbird to my Google Calendar and her Google Calendar will sync with mine – no more lost oh I-thought-you-wrote-that-one-down appointments very cool!

And… now I can say “See, we need a Blackberry Storm, it will help us get our calendaring together (BIG TOOTHY SMILE).” And there’s a website especially for Google Sync for the BlackBerry, which is really cool! The Google blog has this to say:

If you carry a BlackBerry smartphone, Google Sync for BlackBerry synchronizes your device’s native calendar with Google. You can access your Google Calendar even when you don’t have network coverage and get alerts for upcoming appointments with sound or vibration. It automatically runs in the background, so you can attend to other tasks and still be reminded of your appointments.

– Google blog, Syncing your Calendar

Cool Storm Video

Gmail on Blackberry Storm

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Will you get Gmail on the Blackberry Storm? In one word YouSureAsHeckCan! As I noted in an earlier post about the Storm its browser supports real HTML. Or as the Verizon site’s really cool flash on the Blackberry Storm says in the Features section:

With the Blackberry Storm, you can choose to view Internet content in full HTML or mobile layout for a full Internet experience…

Verizon Wireless Shop

The Storm`s SurePress™ touch screen is getting a lot of “press” too. So you can enjoy your Gmail on the Storm almost as if you were actually on your computer. If I got a smartphone this year, it would have to be the Storm. Oh, and ZDNet reports (mirrored by Verizon’s Wireless shop) you can get one now and starting at $199 including mail-in rebate).


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Buying a (Backberry Storm) Blackberry Storm? Maybe Hard To Find

UPDATE: 11/24/2008: Verizon is now running Television ads showing off the Blackberry Storm`s coolness and business orientation – of course bundled with Verizon Wireless Service. You can buy a Blackberry Storm on Verizon`s website and get all bundled up with Verizon at the same time!

According to a post on the popular website just 2 days ago (Nov 21, 2008) the Blackberry Storm is selling out fast and is hard to find in stock (just read their post) – it sounds even more popular than recently released Google Android-driven T-Mobile G1. This isn’t a giant surprise since Blackberry’s Storm has an impressive list of features that people are probably looking for, especially business people in the market for a new cellphone. Engadget’s post had this impresssive praise about the Blackberry Storm:

…the Storm will pack CDMA / EV-DO Rev. A, quadband EDGE, and 2100MHz HSPA, making it one of the most global phones ever to hit the market…

At any rate, it may be hard to find one now, but with demand so high I’m pretty sure Blackberry will ramp up production to meet the holiday demand!

Oh and check out the cool Storm pictures and slideshow in their Verizon tells us all about the BlackBerry Storm’s WOW factors post.

Blackberry Storm: First Look Review

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Blackberry Storm, get hit by the Storm!

The Blackberry Storm looks and sounds like a businessman’s dream, featuring almost real touch screen buttons, and according to a Youtube video I watched there is a docking station that turns it into an alarm clock while charging.

Some features:

  • camera (don’t all smart phones have cameras?)
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Wi-fi
  • music playback
  • browser uses real HTML
  • handles Blackberry mail

Now all that’s needed is Gmail on the Storm and some of the cool features it brings like the new ability to add gadgets like GCalendar and GDocs to Gmail’s left navigation area where you find Chat and Labels. How cool would it be if Blackberry and Google worked out a deal to get Android on a Blackberry? Maybe someone out there can customize Android for the Blackberry? I know the $10 million prize was for Homebrewed Android apps, but maybe some heavy-hitter in the Open Source community wouldn’t mind doing the legwork and I’d love a complimentary Storm on Android for authoring the idea… although I’m sure its either not too original or not possible so I probably won’t get one. Oh well, here’s a cool Backberry Storm video:

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