It was getting late and I’d decided to shut down for the night when I realized I hadn’t checked my RSS articles lately. I started reading and ended up reading a friend’s humor website bingbongoo fun. Among the jokes I read (I won’t spoil them) was a “guy walking into a bar” joke, and a “Frenchman, an Englishman and a New Yorker” joke. Visit the site and read them yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

By the time I was done another hour or so had passed and I was running even later. Now I’m writing about, so I’ll be running even later, but that’s okay it was worth it.

Apple’s iPhone – Mobile Browser War?

I remember hearing about the iPhone’s release, about people crowding the stores. Waiting in lines. People walking out in wonder with their shiny new phones. I couldn’t tell you exactly when they came out, but I remember thinking I could use the money for something else, maybe another car? Seriously, here’s a tidbit I found interesting about the iPhone: according to a post I saw on shiny new Apples’ iPhone has already overtaken Windows Mobile in browser usage. Visit’s article for the pretty pictures and more details.