The Avengers (2012) Movie

What happens when you put Hulk, Iron Man (2008/2010), Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Hawkeye, Thor (2011), Loki, Captain America, Agent Phil Coulson, and Nick Fury into a bowl? You get a great movie! I always enjoy a well-formed story and action-packed movie, but The Avengers pulls together several such movies.

The drama between Avengers team members, the Avengers and their opponents and the humor that can be found in and around all of that makes for a fantastic movie! If you liked any of the movies linked above then I think you really will LOVE The Avengers.

Marvel’s The Avengers – Trailer (OFFICIAL)

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Thumbs up! One of this year’s “Must See” movies.

Smart Hot Lunch Battle – Publix VS Bi-Lo

I’ve posted recently about tasty lunches for less, and also about smart hot lunch choices (fast food is hot, but not smart). Today I did a comparison shop with my favorite Bi-Lo, and stopped in to see what Publix had cookin’.

Publix had a larger selection than Bi-Lo, and the menus are more complex. I didn’t intend to get into menus, but on the subject the Bi-Lo menus were easier to read, in part due to fewer choices. Also, the Bi-Lo menu seemed to focus on selling a meal. Continue reading “Smart Hot Lunch Battle – Publix VS Bi-Lo”

Bag It With Noodles – Quick, Tasty, Cheap Lunch

So what does a web designer do when its lunch time? Go to Google and search for cheap tasty lunches, right? Well, no, but searching your house the day before is a good start. A lot of my day is spent going from task-to-task, so I prefer an easy-to-make meal many times so I can make my lunch simple and quick. Brown bagging it is a great way to do that, and it usually is a money-saver as well.

For today’s lunch I packed a sandwich, grabbed some Maruchan Yakisoba Roasted Chicken noodles, and packed them away in a bag. That just left a drink to add, which could be a bottle of water or, in my case, diet coke. Today’s lunch was probably under $4, and that’s pretty good.  The added benefits of a healthy, fresh and tasty meal only add to the cost and time savings!

Maybe you wanted something more out-of-the-ordinary, or you were looking for a recipe. Try these Crunchy Spicy Hummus Wraps from HuffingtonPost Food. Want more lunch-time reading? Try The Brown Bag Brigade: Your One-Stop Shop for Work Lunch Ideas for good brown bagging tips and idea sources!

Tasty, Inexpensive Lunch for under $3

I had an interesting lunch today, trying to save time I just grabbed some stuff I had laying around. I had some Lipton Diet Green Tea in a water bottle, Maruchan Yakisoba Teriyaki flavored noodles, Ritz Crackers and condiments for the crackers to try out some interesting combinations. The crackers combinations weren’t “repeat-worthy”, but were ok.

So, the meal was $1 for the Yakisoba, about $0.49 for the Ritz Crackers, and maybe $0.45 for the diet green tea. Total is about $1.94 plus cost of the various condiments I used which probably brings the grand total to maybe $2.10 at the most.

Time spent? Most of the time was trying different combinations on the crackers as I ate, so I’d say 5 minutes preparation (since the tea was prepared the day before) plus eating time.

Dr Pepper 10 (Calories per Serving!)

New Dr Pepper TEN has ten calories … per 8 oz serving. I had some Dr Pepper TEN this weekend after a movie with the guys at my church and was very happy to see 10 Bold Calories because, let’s face it, ten calories is better than diet Dr Pepper!

However, you need to watch out for those calories because there are 10 per 8 fluid ounces, not 10 per package (we had a 2-liter!).

Taste – thumbs up!

Packaging – thumbs up!

Advertising 10 calories per 8 oz – thumbs down.

Why the hullabaloo? Dr Pepper TEN is aimed at men, specifically at men who didn’t find Diet Dr Pepper very palatable. One advertisement read “All 23 Flavors. Just 10 Manly Calories. It’s Not For Women.” So guys, you have a new Dr Pepper. Gals, you do, too – its just a marketing gimmick.

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More Dr Pepper TEN info