Endangered and dying Dead Sea?

photo by Ian and Wendy Sewell, www.ianandwendy.com/Israel

According to a short ad I saw on TV today and several websites, the Dead Sea is slowing “dying”. Due to irrigation and other factors the Dead Sea may not be around for the long haul. A lot gets away from me in the way of politics, travel news, and evidently the possible loss of historic locations around the world.

photo by Ian and Wendy Sewell, www.ianandwendy.com/Israel

Located between Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea isn’t merely an ancient oasis in a harsh and unforgiving landscape. Instead, the home of the now famous Dead Sea scrolls is a site of immeasurable cultural and religious significance, having hosted historic figures such as King David, Herod the Great and Jesus Christ in its therapeutic waters. Now a major tourist attraction, the saltiest body of water on the planet welcomes millions of tourists every year who come to float in its unusually buoyant waters and revel in the many physical therapies provided by the natural landscape. Whether it’s a balneotherapy session, which uses the black mineral mud of the sea, or the reduced ultraviolet rays at the lowest dry point on earth, the Dead Sea area has become a major center for health research and treatment. Unfortunately, due to irrigation and human intervention, the Dead Sea is shrinking at an unprecedented rate, and according to experts, will completely evaporate in approximately fifty years. At least no one will have to change the name.

– From a HostelWorld.com Press Release

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The Other Side of the Election Booth

My 16 year old daughter wrote this poem “The Other Side of the Election Booth” about the 2008 Election. I was really impressed so voila! Here it is:

Here I stand in the voting booth,
Where my choice will affect our future,
What type of president will win?
The power hungry or peace maker.

Truth be told I didn’t know who to trust.
I just hope that I choose right,
Or history will repeat itself,
Which could end up as nothing but a cruel dilemma.

What now shall I ask,
Should I vote and just leave,
Or should I vote for Obama and pray to the Lord I choose right?

But instead I walk out of the booth and leave it to someone else.