Fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” Error

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UPDATE 2/11/2017: It appears the issue with the January 2017 update of the Google App causing crash issues with some Samsung devices has been fixed. There are many reasons you may get an “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” error. If you are searching for fixes for the same error message at a later date and find this post, try going back to the search engine you are using to see if you can find more recent posts about this error that may have a different cause.


Samsung Galaxy S4

I will show the fixes below for my 2 devices. You see on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T110 I had to fix the “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” error one way, and for my Samsung Galaxy S4 to fix the “unfortunately the process has stopped.” I had to find another way.

The error had plagued me on my Galaxy S4 for a week or two before I took action. I was going to “do it later,” you know how it is. Then I grabbed my Galaxy Tab Lite to show my wife a website I was working on and when I did a long tap (hold) on the Home button I got that error message – they are slightly different but both say that the System UI has stopped, whatever exactly that is. Continue reading “Fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” Error”

New Themes for Gmail – Tree Tops Wins

I look at computers much of the day Monday through Friday and often on the weekends as well. For me, wallpapers and themes are more than just simple extras – they make the computers I work on seem less boring, newer, less ordinary.

Last week Gmail released 5 new themes, and so far my favorite by far is Tree Tops. For me, a theme has to do more than just look cool, the theme has to mix well visually with Active Inbox (a GTD spin-off I use for Gmail). Plus, on my high screen resolutions I see a lot of the screen, and the themes’ use of color has to be very well done so that the text, message highlighting and all the the Gmail labs features I use look well mixed in a particular theme.

Thats a lot of words just to say that I really am enjoying the Tree Tops theme!

Coming Soon: Diabetes and Working at Home

UPDATE: The Working at Home articles will not be written here on George’s Wonder Blog for some time, or after some more thought may be added to my WordPress Development blog instead, when officially launched.

Soon I will be adding 2 new subjects to this blog, Diabetes and Working at Home.

As a Type 2 Diabetic its time to be more serious about my knowledge of type 2 diabetes and my diet (diet as a lifestyle, that is — not a temporary fad). A great way for me to learn, is to blog about what I’m learning, so here it comes.

Anyone that knows me will be laughing now, but you can make a good living working at home – either as a primary or secondary source of income. But you must plan and be organized.

Wonderblog Gets New Theme

Blog theme changeWell, it was time for a new theme, so I’ve switched to a newer theme with more features. Additional edits will appear in the coming weeks as I ‘tune’ the theme to my preferences and ‘rules’.  Since this theme has some black navigation links (actually mid-to-ark gray) I’ll be fixing that probably first real quick.

I wonder why so many blogs these days, and even ever more often use black text for navigation? I learned “old school” some basics I stick to when I design sites myself, and using a different color for nav links and other text links is one of the basics and inviolable, IMO.

At any rate I’m very pleased with this theme, and we’ll see how it turns out over the next several weeks.

Free Google Snail Mail Postcards

This year you can use Gmail to send a Snail Mail postcard courtesy of Google!

This holiday season, as a token of our appreciation to our most enthusiastic fans, we’ll snail-mail a free holiday postcard on your behalf. Yes, through the mail and everything.

– Gmail Blog, Spread some holiday cheer, one card at a time

So get on over to that website and send a free “Gmail Card” to the Google fan in your life, or maybe that person in your life who doesn’t use email (yet).

Gmail Postcards