Mr Lid Ripoff Complaint

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1) Go to the Mr Lid page if you want to avoid this ripoff!

2) I went to, and ordered the one set (plus S&H), and the FREE set (plus S&H). The home page graphic clearly says “Now only $10 + $7.95 P & H.” So, that would be $10 + $7.95 + $7.95 = $25.90. My order came out to $91.80 – see the screenshot!

There were other offers which I turned down, and the FREE offer where I get the set for free and pay only S & H, which I thought was a good deal. Heck, maybe I did go to the wrong website, I’ll find out when I see their commercial again – but DO NOT use that is definitely a rip-off!

As far as the lids being attached goes, I did read at least one review that confirmed what I was worried about – that is after several washings the lids “hinge” cracks. That may or may not be the case for all of their products, but the website is! Go to Amazon’s Mr Lid page, that should be safe! After I cancel this purchase by phone or through my bank I may buy the product from Amazon, especially if it turns out I went to the wrong website.

Shady Mr Lid Website?

I was updating this post today and I ran across a Mr Lid Ripoff website (… I won’t link to it). Watch out, or you may get ripped off. I have no idea what would happen if you used this website.

First off, the site claims to be a review site, but you cannot submit a review, and the pages and “Mr Lid reviews” appear to be crafted with SEO in mind as opposed to being written by some average consumer, and the “Mr Lid reviews” also do not have any names for the reviewers.

More? Sure. What about the “WAIT BEFORE YOU GO!” popups? Nothing is more aggravating than a popup asking me if I really want to LEAVE THE PAGE, especially when I just want to go back to the home page!

More? Sure. How about Monica, the website’s author? Well it appears “Monica” is really Melissa Saenz (another link for Melissa’s page on the same website). Are you wondering why a neuroscientist who is a Senior Scientist and Lecturer with (impressive) credentials posted on that second page is doing putting up a Mr Lid review site? I am … especially since its a shady site I already do not trust and I cannot imagine why a neuroscientist would post such a website. In other words, I doubt Melissa Saenz, PhD is “Monica” from

More? Sure. The Mr Lid website is (although I would recommend using if you want to pay the right price), but on this shady website the link to “Click Here to Visit the Mr Lid Official Website” does not go there but instead goes to and carries along with it an affiliate ID. This website does not appear to be owned or maintained by the same people. The website has information about the website’s owner/builder available, but the Shady Site has owner/builder hidden.

None of these items by themselves are enough to raise any alarms. But when you put together a website claiming to be a review website that has only 6 “reviews” and those “reviews” don’t have reviewer’s names, where you cannot submit a review, whose “Mr Lids reviews” appear to be SEO-driven as opposed to real reviews, on a site using “WAIT BEFORE YOU GO!” popups, where the author’s name appears to be wrong and where that author is a neuroscientist who is a Senior Scientist and Lecturer with such impressive credentials.

I may be incorrect, but if you ask me the best way to buy Mr Lid, I’d recommend using (link at the top of this post, which has NO affiliate link).