Finding Local Businesses with Google Maps

I wanted to drop some things off at the Dry Cleaner tonight and found out that both of the ones I used had closed recently- probably due to the economy. At any rate, I was able to easily find several options by typing the following into Google Maps (this also works on Google Local,

Dry Cleaners near Goose Creek, SC

Then I got a map showing lots of nearby Dry Cleaners. The data will be as fresh as Google Maps can be, and in case you find a business listed on Google Maps that has closed (oops!) there is a “Report a problem” link at the lower right side of the map.

Also interesting, the Google Lat Long blog has a handy post about finding electric vehicle charging stations on Google Maps.

Local Goose Creek Business: The CUTTING CORNERS

It was time to get a haircut again and instead of supporting a large chain barber, I decided to get my hair cut at a relatively new place I’ve seen called The CUTTING CORNERS. They do Hair, Nails and Spa, and I’ve been passing by them since they opened several weeks ago.

What caught my eye? I’ll admit the $8 Haircut sign did that, and I went in and was in and out with a great haircut.

The CUTTING CORNERS: Hair – Nails – Spa
111 St James Ave, Goose Creek, SC 29445