Are Wendy’s Ghost Fries Too Hot For Me?

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Recently Wendy’s has brought back their Ghost Pepper offerings – Ghost Pepper Fries and the Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I’m a Food Network fan and I watched Guy Fieri and his crew eat ghost peppers on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and run for the milk because those peppers are so hot, they possibly should be used for torture instead of as a food.

At any rate I started thinking if Guy Fieri reacted that bad to ghost peppers what it going to do to me? I mean I like jalapeños and about the spiciest food/condiment I can stand is wasabi. Wasabi pleasantly burns the mouth and goes through your nasal passages and that’s about as hot as I could probably stand it. But Wendy’s serving ghost pepper-anything didn’t make much sense to me. From what I know about one of the hottest of hot peppers it could bring on a lot of negative publicity not to mention lawsuits. You literally have to wash your hands after handling them raw!

So I had to find out, are Wendy’s Ghost Fries too hot for me? I may or may not ever try the Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich, but after doing some reading that assured me I wasn’t going to melt or explode after trying these limited time offerings I went in for my self and got a lunch complete with the Ghost Pepper Fries. So how did I fare? How hot are these ghost pepper-infused fried potatoes? First off, I dipped a fork in this ghost peppery sauce and got a small taste before trying a fry covered in the stuff. I’d say they are fairly spicy as far as fast food offerings go. I’d go so far as to say they’re hotter than Wendy’s regular Spicy Chicken sandwich bit nowhere near as hot as wasabi. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Now the question is, are they too hot for you? I can’t answer that because tolerance for spiceiness and hot spices is a very individual thing. If you try it go for a very small amount first maybe on the tip of a fork or spoon and if you can tolerate that try a little more each time.

Want more info about this tasty Wendy’s treat and how its made? This post was very informative for me as I chowed down on my lunch: How Wendy’s Is Making Ghost Peppers Safe For Middle America.

Applebee’s $6.99 Lunch Deal

Saturday I went to Applebees to give their $6.99 Lunch Deal a try and found out it was a Monday thru Friday offer, so I went back today – a Monday. With drink and tax, the Applebees lunch deal was over $10 before adding a tip. This brings the cost of a lunch at Applebees down compared to other menu choices, but you pay extra as compared to fast food. With a typical 20% tip you’d be just under $13 which isn’t bad for Applebees, plus you know you get a healthier meal than a fast food restaurant.

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Today’s lunch was Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders with french fries, a House Salad with ranch dressing, and Diet Pepsi (Applebees, please get Diet COKE!). Read about Applebees Lunch Combos.

Good health, great taste and decent pricing. Recommended!

An Applebees Lunch

A quick post! Because I wanted to compare Applebees $6.99 lunches to what I normally eat I stopped in today and had lunch there. But, as it turns out the $6.99 lunch special is only available Mon-Fri until 4pm. Well today is Saturday!

I tried to come close and failed pretty miserably coming in at about $16.00 + tip because I wanted a salad. I got their Green Goddess Wedge minus pecans and the American BLT, and ate very few french fries.

Lunch at Ye Ole Fashioned in Mount Pleasant

I started blogging about food because, to be honest, I get tired of deciding what and where to eat sometimes. I should probably do some good research into healthy eating, like reading this article on the CDC website about dieting VS your diet. But for today’s lunch I hopped in the SUV and gave a couple of moments of quick thought as to what I’d like to eat. Almost out of decent ideas, I remembered Mount Pleasant’s Ye Ole Fashioned Ice Cream & Sandwich Cafe.

Shrimp Po*Boy from Ye Ole Fashioned - Click to Enlarge

Ye Ole Fashioned has a great Shrimp Po-Boy that is simply delicious. Considering fast food prices and how “fast” it seems to be, Ye Ole Fashioned was a great alternative with a healthier menu! Continue reading “Lunch at Ye Ole Fashioned in Mount Pleasant”

Looking for a Hot Dog?

If you are in Mount Pleasant, SC where I do most of my work and you have a hankering for a hot dog and taste is your guiding light, then you should give Seppy’s Hotdogs a visit. As far as hot dogs in Mt Pleasant, Seppy’s was right up there at the top.

Seppy’s menu has 17 hot dogs to tantalize your mouth, 13 of which you just aren’t going to get at your local gas station and one more that you can get at a gas station, but is better at Seppy’s. If you are looking for photos Continue reading “Looking for a Hot Dog?”