Fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” Error

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UPDATE 2/11/2017: It appears the issue with the January 2017 update of the Google App causing crash issues with some Samsung devices has been fixed. There are many reasons you may get an “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” error. If you are searching for fixes for the same error message at a later date and find this post, try going back to the search engine you are using to see if you can find more recent posts about this error that may have a different cause.


Samsung Galaxy S4

I will show the fixes below for my 2 devices. You see on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite SM-T110 I had to fix the “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” error one way, and for my Samsung Galaxy S4 to fix the “unfortunately the process has stopped.” I had to find another way.

The error had plagued me on my Galaxy S4 for a week or two before I took action. I was going to “do it later,” you know how it is. Then I grabbed my Galaxy Tab Lite to show my wife a website I was working on and when I did a long tap (hold) on the Home button I got that error message – they are slightly different but both say that the System UI has stopped, whatever exactly that is.

I went to searching Google for a fix and the videos I watched at first didn’t help. That was when I didn’t know the same error was happening on my Tablet. When I realized this was happening on my Tablet it occurred to me that maybe this was a recent error, and the older posts and videos I was seeing did not have the correct fix – and that turned out to be true for me.

Fix Smartphone “unfortunately the process has stopped.” (Resolved)

The video How to fix “Unfortunately, has stopped” error Cant press the Home Button did not work on my Samsung Galaxy S4. So I went into Apps > Uninstall Apps and I uninstalled the Google App (it actually says it will revert back to an earlier version – not uninstall).

DECISION TIME: So now it’s decision time. I noticed my microphone has disappeared from my SMS Messaging app. This means I would have to type every single text message instead of speaking it out and making corrections. Also, my Google Search that was on one of my home screens is gone, and the old one does not work. At all. This means I have to open a browser to search Google.

And who knows what else has changed? What other features and widgets are there on my phone that are baked into the Google App? It might be better to keep the error and wait for Google to update the app.

It’s worth mentioning that I also wiped the cache partition following the instructions on T-Mobile support site. That did not help since I now know that for sure updating to the latest version of the Google App is the cause of the problem unless the latest version simply conflicts with other software on both of my Samsung Android devices. Regardless, wiping the cache partition has not helped. I can remove updates to the Google App and regain the ability to hold down the Home button again, then install the latest version and get the crashing back. Over and over again I can reproduce this crash by simply updating. And I can reproduce the fix and regain the ability to simply close running apps etc by holding down the Home button if I simply uninstall the Google App.

NOTE: I found out I can uninstall the Google App on my Galaxy S4 in Google Play – but it must be through the Google Play App and not the Google Play website in a browser. To Uninstall the Google App using Google Play it must be through the Google Play App (the Play Store app). Boy, is this confusing!

Fix Tablet “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” (Open)

Samsung Tablet: Unfortunately System UI has Stopped

The same video as above worked for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite but it doesn’t work permanently. Perhaps my Tablet is set to automatically update, but I followed the video’s steps. Go to the Play Store, Search for the Google App, and click the Uninstall button (image below). This gets rid of the error for 10-20 minutes at a time. It’s the middle of my work day so I haven’t looked deeply enough to see what’s going on or how long before it reverts back to giving me the “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” error message again.

However, the fix above does work for a time … even if only long enough for me to do a little work on it and maybe it reverts back later after I’ve put it down and … I don’t know, maybe updates again. We’ll see.

Uninstalling the Google App is a Temporary Fix for my Tablet

So I hope this information has helped, you certainly should try reaching out to the manufacturer of your device if nothing helps, and if you have a supported device where you can get a live person to help you, all the much better.

If this post has been helpful, or if you have any insight into a permanent fix for your tablet please do speak up in the comments below and be sure to let us know what your tablet maker & model is in case this is a fix that’s different for different devices or settings – as it seems it may be.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Okay so I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I have used affiliate links. At the very top are links to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, both of which are devices that I own and use. I am not receiving any kind of compensation for writing this article beyod any advertising on y site such as these affiliate links and advertisements you may see on the website. In other words no one paid me to write this article, its just your typical blog post with typical Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate advertisements.

4 Replies to “Fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” Error”

  1. Thank you! My beloved S4 has recently started throwing up this error and I have been torn between fearing it was dying and suspecting an update. I’ll live with it for a bit and see if Google fixes it.

  2. The short: Can someone tell me who specifically to contact (phone number, department, email address or website to check) so we know when the updates will resolve the problems with the Galaxy s4 that occurred in January 2017 so that I can get a corrected update?

    The long: I had someone at the Samsung experience store help me with the home key/system ui error and then microphone not working. (I had been on the phone with Google, T-mobile and Samsung all for over 1 hour each. Probably spent 6 hours total dealing with the companies and just got the run around.) Last update was uninstalled and auto updates are disabled. Today I noticed my camera is missing some features that I use in settings. How do I keep informed so I know when it is “safe” for me to update?

  3. Donna, I am also waiting since I have confidence in Google to fix the issue.

    Linda, I believe this is Google’s issue. From what I’ve read it’s their app that’s causing the issue. I’ve got some major features I’ve become accustomed to missing right now and I’m waiting for Google to fix it. I cannot imagine they’ll just leave it hanging, but I do expect (as a former programmer) that they will identify, test and deploy a fix. I just hope its soon!

    As far as the question about when its safe I don’t know the answer to that. When I made this post originally I thought I had the fix, but later realized my choices were to either let the phone crash and keep my features except for the long tap (hold) on the Home button OR I could revert to the older version and lose lots of features like the Ok Google and Google Now cards (and probably more).

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