Applebee’s $6.99 Lunch Deal

Saturday I went to Applebees to give their $6.99 Lunch Deal a try and found out it was a Monday thru Friday offer, so I went back today – a Monday. With drink and tax, the Applebees lunch deal was over $10 before adding a tip. This brings the cost of a lunch at Applebees down compared to other menu choices, but you pay extra as compared to fast food. With a typical 20% tip you’d be just under $13 which isn’t bad for Applebees, plus you know you get a healthier meal than a fast food restaurant.

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Today’s lunch was Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders with french fries, a House Salad with ranch dressing, and Diet Pepsi (Applebees, please get Diet COKE!). Read about Applebees Lunch Combos.

Good health, great taste and decent pricing. Recommended!

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