Looking for a Hot Dog?

If you are in Mount Pleasant, SC where I do most of my work and you have a hankering for a hot dog and taste is your guiding light, then you should give Seppy’s Hotdogs a visit. As far as hot dogs in Mt Pleasant, Seppy’s was right up there at the top.

Seppy’s menu has 17 hot dogs to tantalize your mouth, 13 of which you just aren’t going to get at your local gas station and one more that you can get at a gas station, but is better at Seppy’s. If you are looking for photos of Seppy’s and its foods, try Seppy’s Hot Dogs on Instagram.

I dropped in today and was greeted by a two-for-one special and got The Chicago (mustard, Chicago sauce, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers) and The Wando (melted cheese and mayo). Looking back, although I enjoyed the Wando, I wish I had chosen The Yorktown (mustard, mild salsa, onions, and diced tomatoes). Sounds like an excuse for another visit!

The Chicago
The Wando
BBQ chips
Diet Coke

If you are looking for a bargain hot dog you can get that “anywhere,” but if you are looking for a tasty hot dog, with fresh ingredients like I had today, drop by Seppy’s Hot Dogs.

Seppy’s Hotdogs is Mt. Pleasant’s premier hotdog stand and offers 16 delicious signature hotdogs made with only the finest, freshest ingredients.
– Seppy’s website

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