Smart Hot Lunch Battle – Publix VS Bi-Lo

I’ve posted recently about tasty lunches for less, and also about smart hot lunch choices (fast food is hot, but not smart). Today I did a comparison shop with my favorite Bi-Lo, and stopped in to see what Publix had cookin’.

Publix had a larger selection than Bi-Lo, and the menus are more complex. I didn’t intend to get into menus, but on the subject the Bi-Lo menus were easier to read, in part due to fewer choices. Also, the Bi-Lo menu seemed to focus on selling a meal.The Publix menus (there were several) required more reading, looking around and comparing to get the best value. There were meals and by-the-pound prices for many food items.

Here’s the Bi-Lo lunch description from the Bi-Lo post for comparison:

Bi-Lo (and other grocery stores) sell hot lunch entrees like fried chicken, meat loaf and chicken tenders. Plus you get a choice of side items & veggies like mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, rice, carrots and the like depending on the day’s menu. Add your favorite 20-24 oz. beverage of choice and you are looking at about $7-$8.00 with tax.

Publix similarly sells hot entrees with a choices of two sides, and as seen above I got the 3 Chicken Tender meal with western fries and collard greens. I also added a honey mustard sauce and got a 20 oz Lipton Diet Citrus Green Tea (on sale $0.99).

The food was as good as Bi-Lo’s and maybe a little better, although I’ve never had collard greens at Bi-Lo. The whole deal set me back about $9.00, and I’m not convinced Publix tastes better or is any healthier to justify the extra cost.

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