When is More Less? Smart Hot Lunch Choices

More can be less if you pay more than you could, but less than you might have. Often you may just just run by a nearby fast food place and grab a quick meal, probably in the $6 – $8.00 price range  (local SC prices, anyway). Other days, you might be able to find a ‘value menu’ lunch in  the $3-$5.00 range, at those same places. Today I was leaning toward less expensive fast food  meals.

Here’s another idea though, Bi-Lo (and other grocery stores) sell hot lunch entrees like fried chicken, meat loaf and chicken tenders. Plus you get a choice of side items & veggies like mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, rice, carrots and the like depending on the day’s menu. Add your favorite 20-24 oz. beverage of choice and you are looking at about $7-$8.00 with tax.

So here’s the trade off …you want to save the cash, but you want something healthier without going to a sit-down restaurant. The sit-down restaurants (Red Lobster, Applebees, Captain D’s and others in price ranges in between) will blowing your budget (lunch at a sit-down restaurant is about $9-$20.00, ranging from lunch specials and regular fare) and your lunch time may run late waiting for your meal to arrive, then eating and paying for it. Hot lunch at a local grocery store may be just what you need, so why not shop around the places you lunch and see who’s got a good mix of good food and prices and give it a shot?

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