How do I fix WordPress ‘Comments are Closed’?

I recently posted several blogs, only to find after customizing them that several of them had comments closed, as I could see at the bottom:

“Comments are closed”

After going through WordPress Settings > Discussion and double-checking each check box was properly checked (or not) I searched and found this post:

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The post seemed helpful, but after turning off all plugins, switching back to the Twenty Ten (default) theme and repairing all tables in the WordPress database I was still staring at some “Comments are closed” notifications on some pages, while on others comments were open.

Following the original poster’s idea I went through and changed the comments to open via the WordPress database, but I still had other blogs to do, so I started hunting.

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I knew there was an option on the post to allow comments and pingbacks but couldn’t find it. After some digging around I noticed the Screen Options button on the admin bar at the top. Opening it I was rewarded with a checkbox for “Discussion” which was not checked. Naturally I checked the box, closed the panel and was rewarded with the option to allow comments and pingbacks with checkboxes!

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This may not be the fix for every case, but it sure helped me. Now I have a simpler way to visit each post and change its settings to get rid of the annoying “Comments are closed” message. There is another way to so this using SQL, but this is simpler and can be accomplished by bloggers and coders of all experience levels.

If you don’t feel like viewing the step-by-step screenshots, while you are logged in and editing a post go to the top, right and cick Screen Options and a dropdown will open. Make sure you check the Allow Comments check box and if you so desire you could also check the Allow Trackbacks and pingbacks on this page check box.

12 Replies to “How do I fix WordPress ‘Comments are Closed’?”

  1. Thank you!! I’d hunted, double-checked my PHP, double-checked my settings, and really didn’t want to start turning off every plugin as some are core to the look and feel of the site.

    This was just exactly the right tip!

  2. Yes! this is the answer! thank you! Many other complicated suggestions did not work. This is simple and did the job!

  3. I had a problem with only my newest posting with the message “Comment posting closed”. I’ve treid all the discussion settings and nothing worked. Your advice solved my problem, thanks a lot!

  4. This is amazing. I was figuring why my website comments always shows as closed eventhough I have checked the settings under ‘general’ and ‘writing’. Thank you, this certainly helped me. I feel like a blonde. 😀

  5. Reuben, yeah and I don’t remember if it was the theme’s fault or if its a default WP install-thing. If it is a WP install-thing it seems to have been changed. I do not recall having this issue for some time now.

    I know its a long time since your comment was made, but did you install a recent version of WP like 3.3 or higher?

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