Blackberry and Google Sync

Synchronize your calendars with Google Calendar. Google SyncNow supports the open CalDAV protocol and works with Blackberry mobile devices, Android devices, Mozilla Sunbird, Microsoft Outlook Apple iCal, and basically anything that supports/uses the CalDAV protocol.

Wow! I’ve been waiting for this as I’ve been trying to switch to Google Calendar from Mozilla Sunbird so my wife and I can sync our calendars on different computers! Now I can sync my Sunbird to my Google Calendar and her Google Calendar will sync with mine – no more lost oh I-thought-you-wrote-that-one-down appointments very cool!

And… now I can say “See, we need a Blackberry Storm, it will help us get our calendaring together (BIG TOOTHY SMILE).” And there’s a website especially for Google Sync for the BlackBerry, which is really cool! The Google blog has this to say:

If you carry a BlackBerry smartphone, Google Sync for BlackBerry synchronizes your device’s native calendar with Google. You can access your Google Calendar even when you don’t have network coverage and get alerts for upcoming appointments with sound or vibration. It automatically runs in the background, so you can attend to other tasks and still be reminded of your appointments.

– Google blog, Syncing your Calendar

Cool Storm Video

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