Buying a (Backberry Storm) Blackberry Storm? Maybe Hard To Find

UPDATE: 11/24/2008: Verizon is now running Television ads showing off the Blackberry Storm`s coolness and business orientation – of course bundled with Verizon Wireless Service. You can buy a Blackberry Storm on Verizon`s website and get all bundled up with Verizon at the same time!

According to a post on the popular website just 2 days ago (Nov 21, 2008) the Blackberry Storm is selling out fast and is hard to find in stock (just read their post) – it sounds even more popular than recently released Google Android-driven T-Mobile G1. This isn’t a giant surprise since Blackberry’s Storm has an impressive list of features that people are probably looking for, especially business people in the market for a new cellphone. Engadget’s post had this impresssive praise about the Blackberry Storm:

…the Storm will pack CDMA / EV-DO Rev. A, quadband EDGE, and 2100MHz HSPA, making it one of the most global phones ever to hit the market…

At any rate, it may be hard to find one now, but with demand so high I’m pretty sure Blackberry will ramp up production to meet the holiday demand!

Oh and check out the cool Storm pictures and slideshow in their Verizon tells us all about the BlackBerry Storm’s WOW factors post.

Blackberry Storm: First Look Review

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