Blackberry Storm, get hit by the Storm!

The Blackberry Storm looks and sounds like a businessman’s dream, featuring almost real touch screen buttons, and according to a Youtube video I watched there is a docking station that turns it into an alarm clock while charging.

Some features:

  • camera (don’t all smart phones have cameras?)
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Wi-fi
  • music playback
  • browser uses real HTML
  • handles Blackberry mail

Now all that’s needed is Gmail on the Storm and some of the cool features it brings like the new ability to add gadgets like GCalendar and GDocs to Gmail’s left navigation area where you find Chat and Labels. How cool would it be if Blackberry and Google worked out a deal to get Android on a Blackberry? Maybe someone out there can customize Android for the Blackberry? I know the $10 million prize was for Homebrewed Android apps, but maybe some heavy-hitter in the Open Source community wouldn’t mind doing the legwork and I’d love a complimentary Storm on Android for authoring the idea… although I’m sure its either not too original or not possible so I probably won’t get one. Oh well, here’s a cool Backberry Storm video:

YouTube Preview Image

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