T-Mobile G1 Google Phone Teaches – iPhone is Windows of the Cell Phones


I’m not a big iPhone fanatic, but I’d happily shell out the money for a Blackberry or T-Mobile G1 “Google phone”; but for some reason the iPhone has never “done it” for me. Addmittedly, I’m a PC guy, but I don’t dislike Macs (any more), I just don’t buy them or prefer to use them.

Today Frisco Gives Laid-Back Welcome To Google Phone “taught” me something new… humorously. What I learned today is that iPhone is to cell phones what Windows is to operating systems, check out this quote from the aforementioned Frisco Gives… article:

David Carrasco of Oakland, Calif., had arrived at the T-Mobile store around 11 a.m. He owns an iPhone but got sick of it crashing and of it hanging up when he tried to type.

I just find it funny that somebody is going to switch to the G1 because their iPhone crashes because I always equate Mac OS with reliability and so I did with iPhone – till now.

Let’s not forget one of the coolest things about the “Google phone”, the open source Android OS – oh and the Android Developer Challenge. Has anyone claimed that yet? I could use a couple of million bucks!

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  1. thanks for that. all i have heard is its to big, its a brick it has bad interface it feels cheap. well shut up apple heads. i just received mine on the 21 and im goimg from a blackberry pearl and it feels like i just woke from a comma. i wont need to upgrade for at lease another 5 years

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