T-Mobile G1

UPDATE: T-Mobile G1 with Google

The T-Mobile G1 is supposed to hit the shelves Wednesday (day after tomorrow) according to A sneak peek at Gmail on Android, so now would be a good time for all who intend to buy one to take a look at what the Gmail blog has in the way of screenshots and video while you are waiting for your new phone.

So while you are waiting, watching the minutes tick away until the release of the first Android-powered device in the world you can check out just how cool Gmail can be – on the platform that Google would (no doubt) prefer you use for wireless Gmailing… the T-Mobile G1 with Android.

Entire Article with Media on Gmail blog
Direct link to Gmail on Android

3 Replies to “T-Mobile G1”

  1. I have my domain hosted on google apps. However, setting up the G1 phone to receive emails has been a frustrating endeavor. Google recommends IMAP and the only option in the G1 phone is POP. Setting up pop works – sometimes! Many times the emails are still on my google apps server!!!

    Then there’s the issue of deleted messages on the G1. All deleted messages remain in the Trash folder. T-Mobile tech support is clueless and insist that it’s my set up!


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