Gmail’s Mail Goggles had the right idea

Google’s new lab feature by Mail Goggles (New in Labs: Stop sending mail you later regret) has what I agree is a good idea, but possibly could be implemented better.

Many have surely sent emails we later regretted whether it be late night ramblings or angry retorts. A quick google of the terms email tips found Writing Effective E-Mail: Top 10 Tips and I was drawn to tip #5, “Be kind. Don’t flame.”

Merging Jon’s and Dennis’ ideas I’d alter a comment from Jon’s post to say “Just don’t hit ‘Send’ while you’re still angry or from late night mental fatigue.” At any rate I think a useful feature for avoiding the sending of these types of emails might be some sort of delayed sending mechanism that would ask you a couple of hours late if you still wanted to send your email, but figrung out programmatically *when* to ask would be difficult at best and would require you to mark an email to be reviewed later. That being said, to cover both late night ramblings and angry replies use that drafts feature in your email program and “Just don’t hit ‘Send’ while you’re still angry or from late night mental fatigue.

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