New Home for Gmail Chat and Labels

I like that Google continues to innovate and try to improve things, and today I read New in Labs: Right-side Labels and Chat where Emily Chang, a Gmail Engineer, unveils a cool new Gmail feature in Gmail Labs – Right-side Labels and Chat which lets you set your labels and/or your chat window to the right hand side of Gmail.

The other day I’d read New in Labs: 3 experiments with labels and enabled Navbar drag and drop which lets you arrange your NavBar. I was a bit disappointed at its lack of flexibility, but today I’ve happily turned it off and enabled both Right-side chat and Right-side labels. Give it a shot… Login to Gmail, click Settings, then the Labs tab, then scroll down and click enable by both or either of these features you want to turn on, then click Save changes at the bottom.

Oh, and if you want a quick read on Gmail Redesigned above, check out Lifehacker’s Google Redesigned Facelifts Gmail and GCal, just keep in mind if you visit during the the Globex Designs site during day and can’t get the site, try visiting the site again at night.

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