Gmail – Oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#103)

GMAIL OOPS ERROR 103 UPDATED: Click link for more recent updated post.

After doing some Googling I wonder if this Gmail error really means “Oh nothing happened, this error means that there was no error”. Humor aside here’s the error message I got twice, once while while trying to forward and once while trying to reply to the same email:

Oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#103)

The Gmail’s blog’s We feel your pain, and we’re sorry post point to resources for Gmail problems:

…if you spot a problem with your Gmail account, please visit the Gmail Help Center and user group, where the Gmail Guides are your fastest source of updates.

In the end I had 2 answers for my #103 Gmail error:

  1. According to a user in a Google groups post dated August 8th of this year (2008), you should check your Sent Mail. When I did the emails I was trying to send were actually there, evidently sent despite the error message
  2. The Gmail Help Center suggested I try a) logging in at while they were looking at the issue or possibly b) using “old” style Basic HTML Gmail if the problem persisted.

For me 1 and 2a worked, and IĀ  didn’t have to resort to using old Basic HTML Gmail.

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  1. Solution B) works for me only to send off basic email.However i dont just want it for that purpose as I cannot send a any pictures as attachments and cannot do the usual chat online which I find handier during working hours for quick replies.

    Please help as this is now becominga pain….!!!

  2. It has to do with using HTTPS versus HTTP.

    when you are in the Gmail page, go to “settings”, at the very bottom, select “always use https”.

    problem should go away

  3. “Oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#103)”

    This error occurs when attachment of size more than allowable is attached to e-mail and user try to send this e-mail.

  4. hi guys,
    i also face same problem , same error msg when i send or reply any mail.

    Oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#103)

    plz can u know me about this problem plz i need help me…

  5. I too faced this problem a couple of times. I could neither save nor send email, in both the situations, the error was ..”Oops…a server…#103″. However, it got resolved when i refreshed the page. Please note, while refreshing, the mail that was typed is not saved so one has to copy the contents typed before it is refreshed.

  6. The problem started happening with me when I bought a new laptop, nuked Vista, installed XP and am using Opera as my browser. There also seems to be some page load issues. I have to hit refresh a few times before it loads

    As for the error 103 crap, it normally works when I switch to basic HTML

    Trying the switch to HTTPS damn thing won’t save

  7. Considering Gmail has launched Google Chrome which has one of the fastest, or the fastest javascript engine. I’m not sure it will help, but Chrome does have that fast javascript engine PLUS the tabs crash separately instead of crashing the browser + all of its tabs.

    It may not fit your “style”, but I use Chrome specifically for Gmail and a few other tasks,leaving other browsers for everything else. If anyone tries Chrome, please let us know if it helps or not.

    Download Google Chrome

  8. Thanks for the useful post buddy. From last two days am unable to send mails through proxy. This post helped me out of the issue.

  9. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m having this problem since last two days. I am a software professioanl when i try

    send mail the following error has occur and no one mail was sent anyone.

    Kindly check and solve the problem as soon as possible.

    The Error:

    Oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#103)

  10. Experienced this very same problem on one particular computer in a very particular environment, where none of the suggested solution works. Never seen this problem anywhere else.

  11. @Magesh – I wish I could fix that for you, this is just a helpful post, I’m not a Google employee, just a Google fan.

    @Matt – thanks for the info!

    @Bitterpopsicle – if I understood you right and your Gmail works fine from “everywhere” except one particular computer, then that computer/browser/settings is your issue. You could try the Gmail Support

  12. [With I.E.8] Here’s what I did. I dropped my browser’s home page choice three days ago and went to “about blank”. Made a huge difference in the speed of my Gmail opening and all functions thereafter. Haven’t seen a “oops #103” since. But I do still have my fingers crossed.

    Maybe Google does not want to lose it’s #1 status as homepage king but that’s just too bad.

    T’care & good luck to us.

  13. Mike Reilly, hey I’m not sure why that helped with your Gmail, but it sounds like it did something for you, and that’s great! I’ve done the same on my IE8 so the sucker opens faster, I just get tired of waiting for a new tab or browser instance to open! I use IE as a testing browser, or whenever I have to. Firefox just runs faster for me.

    Sunil and Royce, glad to hear you also found a fix!

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