Xbox 360 is HD really better?

For months now I’ve been using a 19 inch Sanyo DS19204 for my Xbox 360. I considered my 19 inch HD computer monitor several times and figured that a 19 inch wide screen monitor would mean the loss of more vertical screen real estate than I was willing to bear. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Even though the 19″ TV screen does have more vertical height than a 19″ HD wide screen monitor the text is much easier to read. I’ve been playing Silicon Knights’ long awaited Too Human, and squinting at much of the test trying to read words and numbers – especially numbers. It was often difficult to tell a 4 from a 6, or a 3 from and 8 and got really annoying. Then I remembered a post I’d made somewhere about having difficulty reading text while playing Halo 3 and one of the responses was that the picture was much clearer on HDTV’s.

In my comparing a 19 inch SDTV with a 19 inch HD wide screen computer monitor I must say that the HD is much clearer, the text is easily readable and obviously the graphics are much more crisp and detailed. On that note you will undoubtedly need an Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable which I feel was worth every penny! Oh, and don’t forget to change your video settings on the System blade of your Xbox 360 once you’ve connected your HD computer monitor!

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