Gmail Labs roll out new features

Gmail continues to evolve to serve us Gmail users better. Recently they rolled out 3 new ways to reply in Gmail (New in Labs: Reply add-ons) and 3 new experiments with label (New in Labs: 3 experiments with labels).


In a nutshell you can now:

  • reply to only the text you select (no need to manually edit your replies)
  • you can set Reply to All as your default (currently Reply to sender only is the default)
  • use Google Calendar to set start and stop dates for your vacation responder and compose your vacation response message

Check out the new options in Gmail > Settings > Labs for yourself or read New in Labs: Reply add-ons.


The folks at Gmail Labs have cooked up some new features for Labels; namely new custom label colors (beyond the original 24), the Go to label shortcut and new draggable left hand navbar area. On that latter feature I need to either play around some more, or look at turning off my Gmail Redesigned skin but its still awesome.

Visit Gmail > Settings > Labs for and play around with these new features or read New in Labs: 3 experiments with labels first.

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