Custom Gmail Email Address, Spam and Filtering

I often get asked about how to avoid spam, and the answer really is to reduce your spam – you probably will never be totally spam-free. One great way is to use disposable email addresses – Gmail makes it easy! Gmail also has great spam filtering built right in!


Let’s say your email address is and you sign up for an Amazon account. Just use the plus sign (+) after yourusername and before the at sign (@) and you get the custom email address of Maybe you sign up for a webmaster forum called “the idiot webmaster” I could use the email address for that one. Now you can go into Gmail and have these emails filtered (marked, labeled, deleted, whatever).


You can also add periods in (anywhere!). You can use, or even and they all work. At any rate those can also filter these email addresses, and all with ONE gmail account. Cool, huh?

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5 Replies to “Custom Gmail Email Address, Spam and Filtering”

  1. My problem is NOT with TOO MUCH spam, but the fact that Gmail sends ALOT of my good mail to the spam folder.

    How can I prevent this from happening? I tried to set up a filter, but it doesn’t have the option of marking something as “Not Spam” based on the email content.

  2. I don’t have that problem, over 99% of the emails marked as spam actually are – I get 50+ emails daily. You are right, you can’t really mark incoming email as NOT SPAM. If you are seeing emails from known people (people that email you often) you might try making sure they are in your contacts, though I don’t know if that will help. Make sure to go into the Spam folder and while viewing an individual email you are sure is not spam, click the “Not Spam” button. Gmail learns.

  3. Okay, I stand corrected, Gmail does have a filtering option that says “Never send it to Spam”.

    So if going into your spam folder and clicking “Not Spam” for the emails mistakenly sent there isn’t working for you, and if you can figure out how to filter those emails then you can keep them out of your spam folder.

  4. The Gmail filter has a place that says, “if it doesn’t have” and you fill in the blank. I put all the words I wanted a legitimate email to have so it wouldn’t get deleted. Then I said, “if it doesn’t have (these words) delete it. But the blankety, blankety gmail filter turned it around and said, “If it matches these words, delete it”…the exact opposite of what I wanted. How stupid. All you need to do to solve this is put in a few words that the good emails will all have like your name. If it doesn’t have any of these words, delete the damn thing. I don’t want to see anything in my spam box ever.

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