Downloading MP3’s for Sansa Clip MP3 Player

Earlier this week I bought the Sansa Clip MP3 Player and being a newbie to the world of MP3 players and downloading MP3’s I thought I was going to be locked into Rhapsody on a monthly basis. From what I’d read it was a monthly subscription and was concerned that if I got my music from Rhapsody (or any other subscription-based MP3 service) I might not be able to listen to **my** MP3’s after quitting.


Some googling reminded me that sells MP3 downloads, both albums AND single tracks. For as little as 89 or 99 cents I was downloading the songs I wanted instead of buying entire albums, just the best songs I wanted. If you don’t already have an account all you have to do is sign up (its free), download the Amazon MP3 Downloader (you need it for their MP3’s), search for and download the music you want, select the songs in Windows Media Player (10 or higher) you want on your Sansa Clip MP3 and drag-n-drop, click a button and PRESTO!

I was happy to find out I didn’t need to rely on a monthly service and pay them each and every month for my MP3’s.


If you are interested in downloading your MP3’s from read Digital Music: Getting Started with MP3 Downloads.

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