SanDisk Sansa Clip MP3 Player – Initial Experience

BRIEF REVIEW OF  SanDisk Sansa Clip MP3 Player

This Sansa Clip MP3 Player was $38.88 plus tax, and is a cool-looking little clip on MP3 player. I brought it home and after a little reading I decided to give it a shot, although I recommend complete reading of included documentation. First I played through some of the music that came pre-installed. The songs already on the Sansa Clip are:

  • Angel, by The Jones Gang (Genre: Classic Rock)
  • Babylon of the Orient, by The Shanghai Restoration Project (Genre: Electronic)
  • Cobblestoned Waltz, by Alias & Ehren (Genre: Electronic)
  • Return of the Champion, by Heavyweight Dub Champion (Genre: Hip Hop)
  • Wax Museum, by The Red Thread (Genre: Indie)


I won’t get into reviewing the actual quality of the of the included earbud speakers but I’m confident that all but demanding audiophiles will be pleased with their quality. Remember they are earbud headphones though and move them around for optimal placement in your ears. Look into the Equalizer settings as well, just navigate to Settings > Equalizer. The cool thing is if you have music playing you can hear the changes as you scroll through the settings. The settings are Normal, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, and Custom. Custom gives you 5 channels to independently adjust


So I jumped right into Music > Songs and started playing. I got about half-way through Babylon of the Orient before I decided it was time to drop some of my music onto my new little MP3 player to I connected it via the USB cable and let it charge for a little bit. After that I opened Windows Media Player (I have WMP11 and 10 is required), and without installing any software Windows recognized it and I was able to drag and drop some Amazon MP3’s I’d bought back in October right onto it, then navigated to Music > Songs and started playing my newly copied songs and it worked great and sounded great.

Copying songs proved rather simple. I had plugged the Sansa in using its USB Cable and as mentioned above Windows and WMP 11 recognized it after a short auto-configuration by Windows. After that it appeared in the right hand pane of WMP’s Sync Window, and with Songs selected in the left side (Library > Songs) it was simple to drag and drop the desired songs from the WMP panel to the Sync List in the right hand panel. If your Sync panel on the right doesn’t show your Sansa Clip MP3 Player, try clicking the Next Device link in the upper right pane under the name of the device that is showing.


While playing a song is playing click Down/Submenu on the nav wheel below the display window and you are presented with the submenu: Back to Music List, Add to GoList, Rate Song, Shuffle, Repeat, MusicEQ, Clear GoList, and Delete Song. Click Add to GoList and repeat with all of the songs you’d like to add to your GoList. When you’re done navigate to Music > Playlists > GoList and you will see the songs you chose in alphabetical order. Just press the Play button to get started and you’re set.

Here’s some info about taken from the box:

Sansa Clip MP3 Player 1GB*

  • Plays MP3, WM, secure WMA and Audible audio file formats
  • FM Tuner with 40 preset channels
  • Up to 15 hours of play time with internal rechargeable battery**
  • Voice recording with built-in microphone

* 1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes. Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions, and thus is not available for storage

** Based on continuous playback at 128 kbps MP3, battery life and performace may vary depending upon usage and settings; battery not replaceable

Contents of box

  • Sansa Clip MP3 Player
  • USB 2.0 transfer cable
  • Earphones
  • SanDisk Sansa Clip Installation Mini CD with Rhapsody Media Manager
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety Instructions, Limited Warranty, End-User License Agreement
  • Hearing safety insert concerning use of headphones
  • Getting Music on Your SanDisk Sansa Clip, Free 30 Day Trial to Rhapsody
  • Offer from 30 day trial to listen to audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, comedy shows and more

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2
  • Windows Media Player 10
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • USB 2.0 high-power port required for Hi-Speed transfer and charging


  • Music
  • FM Radio (FM Tuner with 40 preset channels)
  • Voice Recorder (built-in microphone)
  • USB Connection (recharge battery & music/audio downloads)
  • Audiobook
  • Clip

Happy listening!

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