Flat panel and Projection TVs take over

Is it too early to announce or perhaps late to make the observation that standard TVs (SDTV – also called CRT TVs) are a dying breed? Earlier in February of this year I wrote my Walmart ILO model IWT3206 32 inch SDTV, which had simply ceased functioning about 14-16 months after we bought it.

I decided instead of paying to have it fixed, and then have it break down again I would buy a new brand name SDTV, not a Flat panel or Projection TV. My only expectations for a TV to be considered for purchase are:

  • an SDTV / CRT TV (no flat panel tv’s, no projection tv’s)
  • over 20 inches diagonally
  • in a local store

I live in the Charleston metro area in South Carolina, and below you can see where I shopped and what I found – or didn’t find.


Best Buy
Dynex 24″ (model DX-24TV) …… $199.99

Circuit City

Sansui 27″ (model DTV2760) …… $229.99

Super K-Mart
No SDTV’s over 20″

Sansui 27″ (model DTV2798) …… $189.97
RCA 27″ (model 27F554T) …… $248.00

So that’s my selection of SDTVs – 4 TVs in 2 different sizes by 3 manufacturers (only 1 of which I have confidence in) ranging from $189.97 to $248.00. Pitiful! Each of the stores above had many different models of Flat panel or Projection TV’s.

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