Walmart ILO model IWT3206 32 inch SDTV

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UPDATE: 6/6/2008: New plan, buy a new TV that’s not a piece of junk

UPDATE: 5/31/2008: I will be taking my ILO 32 inch TV to a repair shop next week. I’ll be sure to post the results.

About December 2006 or January 2007 I was very happy to buy a ILO model IWT3206 32 inch SDTV which replaced a 25 inch Magnavox I’d had for about 10 years. The warranty is 90 days parts and labor and 1 year labor (I think that’s what my wife said – but definitely 90 days and 1 year). I bought this TV because It was only about $300, but now. I wish I’d paid the extra $100 or so for a real brand name with a useful warranty.

Today my wife sits down and tries to turn on the TV – no such luck! I tried different plugs in the power surge strip its powered by, directly into the wall, and even another wall outlet. Nothing.

I understand warranties, but when I buy a TV I expect 5 or more years out of it, and over the past 20+ years that’s what I’ve gotten. When I go to Walmart tomorrow with my very heavy TV set to see if a store supervisor can help me out I have no guarantees, she’s going to see if she can do anything or not.

Here’s what I’ve found during my brief searches today about Walmart’s ILO (IWT3206) 32 inch SDT:


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