Walmart ILO model IWT3206 32 inch SDTV

UPDATE: 6/6/2008: New plan, buy a new TV that’s not a piece of junk

UPDATE: 5/31/2008: I will be taking my ILO 32 inch TV to a repair shop next week. I’ll be sure to post the results.

About December 2006 or January 2007 I was very happy to buy a ILO model IWT3206 32 inch SDTV which replaced a 25 inch Magnavox I’d had for about 10 years. The warranty is 90 days parts and labor and 1 year labor (I think that’s what my wife said – but definitely 90 days and 1 year). I bought this TV because It was only about $300, but now. I wish I’d paid the extra $100 or so for a real brand name with a useful warranty.

Today my wife sits down and tries to turn on the TV – no such luck! I tried different plugs in the power surge strip its powered by, directly into the wall, and even another wall outlet. Nothing.

I understand warranties, but when I buy a TV I expect 5 or more years out of it, and over the past 20+ years that’s what I’ve gotten. When I go to Walmart tomorrow with my very heavy TV set to see if a store supervisor can help me out I have no guarantees, she’s going to see if she can do anything or not.

Here’s what I’ve found during my brief searches today about Walmart’s ILO (IWT3206) 32 inch SDT:

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  1. Stephen, I don’t know, I haven’t gotten it to a shop yet. I’ll try to remember to edit the post when I get it fixed, or whatever I find out if I decide its too much to pay for fixing it.

  2. This morning my wife tried to turn on our TV, Model #IWT3206 and nothing, nada, no click, no hum, nothing… It was purchased in mid-December of 2006. We had it on a high-end surge protector with our other electronics. Everthing else connected to the surge works fine. Logically it seems to be the power supply, can it be replaced/repaired? George, did you make it to the shop?

  3. I bought this same tv, and was happy as heck with it. I fell asleep one night with the tv on. When I woke up, it was off. I tried the remote, I tried the push button on the face of the tv, I verified my outley power….not a thing. Dead. Any idea what gives? I see that I’m not the only one. IF you are going to buy this tv, spend a few dollars extra, and get Walmart’s warranty. It makes it a ton easier to take it back.

  4. My ILO TV has been repaired twice since May 08 and it failed again last week. Same problem everyone else has with the set… can’t change channels or volume and can’t even turn it on or off without unplugging it. I bought the extended warranty but that has not been much of a consolation. It’s a pain in the neck to unhook the TV, pack it, and haul it over to the UPS store. Not to mention the hassle of dealing with customer “service”, being without the TV for weeks while it’s being repaired only to have it fail again in a matter of weeks. Don’t reward bad behavior, buy your next TV from another retailer.

  5. Same problem, had the TV now for about a year, today it just… “poof” went off. If you do not unplug the TV, it has a high pitched whine.
    Soon as you plug it back in, it screams more.
    Will not come on, called local repair shop.
    I was told it was more then likely a bad “flywheel” or something and I was looking at around $20 to fix, we will see…


  6. i bought this tv to upgrade to a 32inch but the remote is a piece of junk and you cannot find a remote anywhere to replace it .i wish i would have never bought it

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