Dreamweaver 8 ‘Bug’: This search result cannot be displayed because

After installing Internet Explorer 7 a couple of days ago, I began losing FTP and passwords in my site definitions, so I went to Adobe’s knowledgebase and followed the instructions in the Dreamweaver 8 for Windows loses FTP login settings issue.

Then tonight I was doing a Find on a page and began repeatedly getting this error:

This search result cannot be displayed because this portion of the document has changed or been removed since the search was performed.

The first thing I did was change the text I was searching, then I went into a completely different site to do a Find, but always the same error. In a huge rush I went back to Adobe’s knowledgebase again and couldn’t find a resolution. Google was helpful with 1 result – yes that’s right only one! Luckily a fellow by the name of Jason Nussbaum has a blog addressing this issue more in detail than I will go into here.

For me the fix was to empty the text in the Find box, then uncheck the Match whole word checkbox. Voila! Read more on Jason’s blog here.

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  1. Hi George,

    I realise this is 5 years later, but thanks for this – it turns out that this has been an issue for many years (I know this as I’m still using DW2004 and it’s the middle of 2011!!).

    Thanks for the tip.

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