Apple’s iPhone – Mobile Browser War?

I remember hearing about the iPhone’s release, about people crowding the stores. Waiting in lines. People walking out in wonder with their shiny new phones. I couldn’t tell you exactly when they came out, but I remember thinking I could use the money for something else, maybe another car? Seriously, here’s a tidbit I found interesting about the iPhone: according to a post I saw on shiny new Apples’ iPhone has already overtaken Windows Mobile in browser usage. Visit’s article for the pretty pictures and more details.

3 Replies to “Apple’s iPhone – Mobile Browser War?”

  1. Aah, but I’m sure you can use the iPhone to order the groceries online, and then you don’t need the car.

    Anyway, I’ve used Windows Mobile and it’s ok (when it doesn’t crash – yes cellphones do crash!).

    It’s surprising what I can do on my little Kyocera really. I’ve even got google reader installed now, so I can read all the latest goodies here at Georges Wonder Blog, even when I’m at the beach or supping a beer at the bar!

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